Far away – yet close soon as E-Book


Soon as E-Book

Soon as E-Book

Soon available as E-Book “Langt fra – tett på Weit weg – doch nah Far away – yet close” –
Poems in three languages in:

  • Apple iBookstore
    Amazon Kindle-Shop at amazon.de
  • eBook.de
    and other E-book Shops like Thalia.de, Buch.de, Buecher.de, Spiegel.de, Mediamarkt.de, Weiland.de, Mayersche.de, Pubbles.de.

ISBN 9783732222872, price 7.99 EUR.

Where to buy the book:

AbeBooks (US)
Amazon (UK)
Bokus (Sweden)
Books on Demand (Germany)
Bücher (Germany)
Cdon (Norge)
COSIS.net Bookshop
Libreka (Germany)
Priceminister (France)
Superbookdeals (US)

Sunday afternoon fun…

By Anny Langer Scan and see what happens

By Anny Langer
Scan and see what happens

It’s a wonderful spring day and it’s Sunday. I should have been outside enjoying one of the first real spring days, but…. I’ve fought with a cold since Friday and it got the best part of the weekend. Now, when the weekend almost is over I’m feeling better and need to do something…
There are always a lot of things I can do. Started with some work stuff and it feels good that it’s done. At least the most of it…
And then of course there are all the web stuff you can do. Decided to find out of some stuff today – the QR code stuff – and hey! IT WORKS ;-)

Questions is if I really need that, but at least it has been fun to try… So feel free to scan and see what happens!
Wish you all a great week! Have fun!!!

Scan and see...

Scan and see…

Picture of the week

Acryl on canvas

Acryl on canvas

About time with a new picture of the week. Wanted to wait until this was finished…
This is a  really new painting :-) Finished two weeks ago…
It’s part of a project inspired by poems written by Jan Erik Vold.
Enjoy – more to come… ;-)

Also want to let you know that I’m updating the website :-D
Have a great week!

New website up and running :-)

Finally! After several weeks with the website down, the new one is finally up and running! There are still three languages to choose, lots of changes and everything has been updated.
Go and check it out at www.annylanger.com ! :-)

Close to a new week and a new year…

Koblenz paorama 1-12Copyright by Anny Langer

Koblenz panorama 1-12
Copyright by Anny Langer

It’s almost a new week and almost only one day to the new year.
Time to look a bit back on the last years events. Lots of happened and not all has been bad ;-)
I always wonder where I’ll go. And since there has been some changes during the last year I probably wonder even more this year. Life is a journey and who knows where it takes us?

2012 has been a bit overshadowed by my own bad health situation. I’m still not used to live with Sarcoidosis. But after meeting many great people with the same illness I learned a bit and it’s easier now. I feel lucky to have been able to go back to work full-time again last summer. It just feels so much better :-)
Want to thank everyone at the Norwegian Sarcoidosis association for inspiring meeting and good information. You all do a real great job!
And of course – breaking my hand wasn’t smart to do either. But well, shit happens and life goes on.

One of the important changes last year has been the establishment of the studio fellowship with three great ladies who inspire me a lot. It’s become a great place to work and it feels like my second home. I relax the moment I walk into the door so much to the good energies there :-)
Hopefully I’ll be able to spend a lot of time there working in 2013.
When it comes to drawing and painting I kind of lost 2012 through my broken hand. I’m still not quite there where I was with my brush strokes, but I’m slowly getting there… :-)

I also have traveled a bit around Germany last summer and in November I went on an inspiring study tour to Barcelona. Both trips gave me a lot of new ideas for new paintings which I hopefully be able to create in 2013. Gonna try not to break anything – so sorry my dear Norwegian friends – you have at least to wait one more year before you can teach me how to ski – I won’t take ANY CHANCES!!!

In December a good friend reminded me of my children’s book project. And yes of course – I really have to make that happen. Some have been waiting to get the stories to read since 2010.  Working slow, I know ;-) By the way – if anyone of you out there has some nice Indic names in mind – let me know. I need some to go on with the book :-)

My own website is almost up again and you already can visit some pages. Just follow the link here. Hopefully everything will be up and running i February.

For now I wish you all real good week and a happy new year.
See you all next year ;-)
Take care!!!

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to everyone


Merry Christmas and a happy new year to everyone

May Christmas be a good Christmas for all of you
May Christmas be a time to be with beloved people
May Christmas be a time to taking a breath and get your shoulders done
May Christmas be a time to honour the memory of loved ones who passed away
May Christmas be a time for all those who are lonely, sick and frightened in this world to met a fellow human who reaches out his hands
May Christmas be a time for all who are on the run to find a save place
May Christmas be a time to brace our energy to face the New Year with all its possibilities and challenges

May the New Year be a time to reach out and embrace each other independent of skin colour, religion, nationality and income
May the New Year be a time to end wars and create peace
May the New Year be a time to realise the beauty of our planet
May the New Year be a time to stand together and decide to save our home – the earth


Picture of the week

Barcelona 72-12 Copyright by Anny Langer

Barcelona 72-12
Copyright by Anny Langer

Dear everyone :-)
It’s Sunday December, 2nd. First Sunday in Advent. Four weeks to go to Christmas Eve.
Here in Oslo it’s late in the evening already. Me and my friends prepare for a new week at work. Other friends of mine in other places of the world started the new week already, and some others still have most of first Advent ahead of them.
Sometimes I miss the opportunity to all get them together in one place, to celebrate and to create fellow memories.
I feel lucky to know so many creative, kind people who care to stay in touch with me, and support me by good thoughts and nice words. Thank you all !!!

There are busy weeks ahead for me both at work and in private. It’s everything between usual workdays, meetings, strike, Christmas concerts, birthday celebrations, yoga and a long weekend in Denmark. Did I mention I have to find some time to make presents for my friends? Anyone with some ideas for homemade Christmas presents created with a 0 timeamount ??? Send them over!!!
I’m so lucky that I’ll see some of my friends I gonna be able to me before and during the Christmas season, and I look forward to see each single one of them.
It’s the first time for many years I actually gonna stay at home in Norway for Christmas.
Hopefully spending most of the time at my studio and to finish some paintings. It’s about time to finished some old stuff and make place for new ideas and projects. My head is so full of new things that I really wished someone would find a way to connect my brain to a printer. There are a couple of books stuck in their waiting to be written. They are already nagging about waiting so long. They are right. They’ve been there much to long.
And of course there hundreds of paintings I see in front my inner eye waiting to be realized on paper or canvas.
Of course, on Christmas Eve, I’m so delightful lucky to just have to walk across the street from to studio to have a real Norwegian Christmas dinner with some of my friends. Lucky me! I just have to dress up and take a bottle of wine with me…
I’m really a luck woman :-) I know, not everyone is as lucky as I am. That’s why I  have to share how lucky and honored I feel.

Last week hasn’t been the greatest one. I was quite down and partly upset because my computer crashed in the middle of some important work papers, and my website was down, and I had a big annoying cold and I just felt for going on to a plane back to Barcelona. Back into a bubble of denial for the reality filled with stupid computers and helpless computersupport people, cold winter wheater, work papers I maybe NEVER gonna finish, and guys never replying on mail or sms. Yes, there’s always one of those guys around…
But after some days, with lot of phone calls, mails, restarting the stupid pc – yes I still think of it as a stupid pc, several liters of herb tea, kilo of throat pills and a two and a half yoga work-out on Friday night, I’m finally back on track…
The work papers are sent over to the responsible people.
I’m leaning back having some more tea, lightening some candles in the window, knitting a baby blanket for the cute daughter of a friend and finally I have time to think about the more important things than stupidcomputers and unnecessary websites…
Later tonight I gonna write a long overdone letter to my godchild in Kenya. They’ve written to me twice since my last letter. So it’s time.And it’s also about time to stop boring you with all of this.

But to go back to Barcelona is still on my mind :-) So therefore this weeks picture is from my Barcelona trip.
Enjoy the week everyone and take really good care!