Picture of the week

Photos by Anny Langer, July 2012

It’s MONDAY everyone!!! New week and a totally new month! Looking forward to find out what October is up to… ;-)
Right now it looks promising. Studio-weekend next weekend and the weekend after that I’ll join some friends with kids to see a children`s theater. Lucky me who’s got friends with kids who like me to join in things like that. :-)
Not to forget – October 4th to October 14th we’ve got the 22nd Films from the South Festival in Oslo and the Oslo World Music Festival opens on October 29th!
Last weekend there also have been many art events in Oslo, but I’ll tell you about that in an other post…
First of all it’s picture of the week time and I give you a small collage of some summer photos taken in Germany.
Enjoy the week everyone and stay tuned… ;-)

Picture of the week

Photo by Anny Langer

Hello guys! It’s Monday again! :-)
Here in Oslo we had the most fantastic wheater the last couple of days. Summer has arrived and people went on boat trips to the small islands to barbecue, swim and more. The nights have been warm and light – typical nordic summer nights.
Magical! :-) Life feels so easy …
Send you all a flower and hope you’ll enjoy this week.

Take care!

Almost Monday – picture of the week…

"The ex I" by Anny Langer 2012

Well, since it’s “almost Monday” here in Oslo and it already is Monday some other place and since I was too late” with “the picture of the week last week…
Here we go – this weeks picture !!! ;-)
It’s the first almost finished drawing for the next exhibition at Steinbruddet opening May, 13th at 1 pm. You’re of course all welcome if you’re close by…
Unfortunately I wasn’t able to finish it today. A bit too much gardening yesterday resulted into a trip to the emergency room this morning and that ended with a big bandage and strong painkillers :-(
Well… I still have to Wednesday afternoon to finish two drawings and put them into frames… Wish me luck guys!

Have a really great week everyone!

Picture of the week

Two heads - sketches

Sketches by Anny Langer

Yes I know! It’s not Monday anymore and I didn’t publish “the picture of the week” yesterday as I should have… SORRY GUYS!!!!
I’ve been busy at work and after that at home with those sketches above since if got a tight deadline to the next exhibition at Steinbruddet here in Oslo.
Have to finish at least two drawings until Wednesday, May 2nd and frame them, too…
Since I work at a new “project” I feel it’s a natural thing to show of some of that work at the upcoming exhibition… Trouble is – it’s still on sketching-mode like you all can see…
Gonna of course come back with the finished drawings next week I guess, I hope – I really have to… Well guys… You start to get to know me….

Have a great week everyone!

Almost Monday and summertime

Maihuagen Photo by Anny Langer

It’s almost Monday and time for the picture of the week. And since we last night  switched to summertime here in Norway I give you one of my most recent photos…
It’s taken Friday, March 23rd at Maihaugen museum at Lillehammer.
I was so lucky to attend a specialist conference organized by the Norwegian Sarkoidose association at the Rheumatism hospital at Lillehammer.
Most people outside Norway maybe remember Lillehammer from the Olympic Winter Games in 1994.
Personally I had a great day with great people in this beautiful little town just some hours drive from Oslo.
Enjoy your week everyone!

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