Nathan have to leave before National day

Nathan (7 years old) was born at Stord hospital, Hordaland Norway in May 2005.
He lives with his parents in Ytre Arna, Bergen and goes to school. His parents are from Ethiopia.
His father Asfaw Eshete came to Norway in 2001. Two years later his wife arrived to Norway. In 2003, two years before Nathan was born they got a final abatement on their request for asylum. Since then their supporters have sent several request to change decision to UNE without any luck.
May, 16th 2012 they gonna be sent out of the country.
The family doesn’t want to return voluntarily. Asfaw Eshete thinks he risks persecution and prison in Ethiopia since he’s been political active. But still the family will be sent back…

Paperless children: Nathan has walk in the May, 17th procession, the procession on the National day, children’s day as its called in Norway, since he was two years old. This year the Norwegian authorities wants the send him out of the country the day before National day.

His father Asfaw tells the Norwegian newspaper Dagsavisen that Nathan had hoped to be staying in Norway because the authorities looked at their case one more time. It’s difficult for Nathan to understand why he has to leave. It’s difficult for his parents to explain why. Nathan has never been in Ethiopia.
Nathan Eshete is maybe the most known of the 450 paperless children who have lived in Norwegian asylum-seekers’ hostels for several years.
Dagsavisen has several times written about the family and their fight to stay in Norway.
His father tells that Nathan wonders why he has to leave. He asked why the authorities send him out when he’s Norwegian, has friends and doesn’t know anything about Ethiopia.
In Ytre Arna the abatement arouses enrage. Neighbour and mother to Nathans best friend, Aina Heldal Bøe that the families supporters are angry and disappointed about the decision. She says that since the deportation was delayed all hoped the authorities would do a new and detailed asylum procedure and wait for the government report “Children on the run” this summer.
Today the Norwegian law says that the children’s best has to be considered and immigration corrective references can be considered.
“UNE means he hasn’t got a strong enough bonds to Norway. They mean immigration corrective references has to be considered the strongest. But he is born here. He went to kinder garden and know he goes to school. There’s no way to have stronger bonds” says Helddal Bøe.

Advisor in the Norwegian organisation for asylum seekers (Noas) Jon Ole Martinsen is disappointed about the decision because both the time and the justification. “You should wait with this cases until there is adjustment from the government in the governments report. We think the evaluation doesn’t consist with the reality”

The known poet Jan Erik Vold wrote a poem for Nathan:
Basic grammar
To return
means: to send
back. To return a package means
to send the package

back to where
it came
from. To return a human being means to send
the person in question back

to the country this person
came from. Nathan Eshete, 7 years old, born at
Stord, has never
been in Ethiopia. To send

Nathan out of Norway
isn’t to
This is: to deport

More to come… unfortunately…

Source: Dagsavisen May, 5th 2012 and May, 7th 2012

Crisis in the Sahel

It’s difficult to close your eyes on the crises around the world.
UNICEF warned about the coming crisis in the Sahel last year. Now it’s “arrived.
“(…) Over 15 million people in Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Chad, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria and Senegal are directly affected by the crisis. And although the people of the Sahel are resilient, their position has been weakened by successive emergencies. The region suffered droughts in 2005 and 2010, and many families were forced to sell their livestock, pull children out of school, borrow money and get by with less food.
UNICEF estimates that it needs $120 million to feed the 1 million children under age 5 who will need lifesaving treatment for severe acute malnutrition. Only 32 per cent of that need has been met so far. (…) (Source:

UNICEF is raising funds to provide life-saving assistance to over 1 million at-risk children in the Sahel. Go and find out more…

Cry Norway CRY !

Thursday March, 22nd 2012 in Rjukan, Norway

  • Verona (9 years) is born in Norway and goes to the primary school in Rjukan. Her parents came to Norway 11 years ago.  Verona got a 6 weeks old baby sister.  The family got the notification that they have to return to Bosnia.
    Verona never has been in Bosnia. The farest she’s traveled is to Kristiansand in Southern Norway. She one of the 460 children who’s been in Norway for many years and now are supposed to leave the country.
  • The police foreigner unit comes and picks the family up at home and drives them to Trandum foreigners home. Verona can only say her good-byes to her best friend. Here they have to stay until Friday, 23rd.

Friday March, 23rd 2012

  • Verona, her sister Aurora and her parents are send out of Norway by plane.
  • Around 9 am Finn-Arild Bystrøms, leader for Arbeiderpartiet (AP) in Tinn burst into tears when he receives the phone call that the family is on the plane leaving Norway.  He says to Dagsavisen: “The first think I’m thinking when I hear that we’re sending children who have grown up in Norway out of the country is that we are deporting them. This might be a bit not nuanced but it’s the first I think and that’s not what we should think in Norway 2012…”
  • The Kurdish family Shabazi from Iran fear to be send out of Norway. Mahdi (9 years) came to Rjukan 8 years ago. He’s got a 4 years old sister. They can be next to be send out. The parents wants a Norwegian family to adopt Mahdi so he can stay and be save.

These are sad days in Norway… Cry Norway, CRY…..

Source: Dagsavisen, Friday, March 23rd and Saturday, 24th 2012




Norway 2012 – childrens nightmare

Norway 2012 – children are afraid that the police comes and get them to throw them out of the one country they know…
Humanity and protection against danger seems only to be for ethnical Norwegian children or AP party members these days…
Wonder what happened to the promise of more humanity and openness after July 22, 2011…
There seems to be no mercy, compassion and will to reconsidering in this matter…
A sad, sad time for a rich country like Norway that wants the world to believe in its humanity and peacefulness… Really can’t see how they can go on to award the Nobel Peace Price when they actually break with human rights and the UN convention on the rights of children…

450 refuge-children to be send out of Norway

The last couple of weeks media, artists, organizations and “common people” have set the spotlight on the situation of 450 children living in Norway. Many of them are born in Norway while their parents seeked asylum and waited for an answer, some are born after their parents had got an abatement on their request.
Norway’s asylum politics got a tougher line during the last years, also to make it easier to send people out of the country when they got a final abatement on their asylum request. Some of the reason given for this it that people shouldn’t have to live illegal in a country without rights and money and to “make space” for people who really need protection…
Trapped in the middle between laws, papers and principles are around 450 children.
Many of them don’t know any other country than Norway. They’ve been born here, go to kindergartens and schools, have Norwegian as their language, celebrate the National Days as the days of their native country.
But because their parents or even their grandparents are refugees without the right to stay in Norway they’re supposed to be send out and to be returned to “their country of origin” or the European country their family got to as first on their escape from their native country. If you know a bit about the financial situation in Europe right now, you’ll see that to be returned to countries like Spain, Greece and Italy ain’t a “save thing”. We know about people who have been returned to those countries and are forced to life on the streets with their small children….
Others are supposed to be returned to their native countries like Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Somalia and more…
How on earth can Norwegian foreigners’ registration offices defend it to send out the families? They reason it with a small part of the asylum law.
It seems they are setting to side other laws and the UNs convention on the Rights of the Child in the process.
As the daughter and granddaughter of second world war refugees I’m personally touched when I read the stories of the children and their families. I know a bit about how to be refugee affects your life and your future, and the future of your children and generations to come…
And I’m scared when I read the contentions people give to actually send those children out. It’s important to look at each single case of course…
But can you actually say that a child born in Norway and lived here for years hasn’t the right to be here, ain’t “Norwegian enough” to stay in the country?
Norway with all its space and oil-fortune really should be the country in the world that can afford to reach out their hands and turn around in this cases…

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