Over 9 million people are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance in East Africa. Millions of children are hungry, thirsty and desperate. They are in danger of becoming critically malnourished and, without help, many in the worst hit areas could die. Not having enough food has severe consequences which affects the child for the rest of his or her life. It significantly increases the likelihood of premature death, and those who do survive are at much greater risk from a variety of afflictions including heart disease, diabetes and kidney damage, and are far less able to withstand infection.

Life is Art is starting a new charity auction to raise money for Save the Children´s effort in East Africa. Anny Langer and Oli Skjellum have donated two photos for this auction.

Anny Langer – Norway
Høst i Oslo

Oli Skjellum – Norway
“Blue hour”

(Both photographs are size 30×40 cm. The auction will stay open for 10 days.)

You can place your bids HERE, and ALL proceeds will be donated to Save the Children. We also ask for your help to spread the word about the auction on twitter and Facebook. Remember that every dollar counts for a child in need!

You can also donate money directly to help children in East Africa at savethechildren.org