Today it’s the first Sunday in Advent. Christmas is coming for real now and I look forward to the next weeks with friends and concerts, purple candles lights and Christmas dinners. (Even if the shopping centers unfortuantley started  weeks ago already with seeling Christmas decorations, food and giftoffers which I find quiet early. I wished they could wait to the first Sunday in Advent, too.)
I love to see the Christmas decoration lighting up the dark afternoons and evenings and I like the smell of glogg and olycook. That’s kind of Advent season to me: walk the streets aftersunset with a cup warm glogg in the hands, watching the shopwindows and decorations and turn in some warm place and sitt down and talk with friends…

Christmas decoration at Aker Brygge Photo by: Anny Langer

I was lucky to spend the weekend with a friend visiting from Germany and could do exactly that.  We walked through the streets after the sun went done. Visited the Christmas marked that was moved to Spikersuppa at the main street this year. At the same time last year we already had snow and were freezing our b…. off. But now we still have between + 6 and 11 degrees and I have to admit it feels good.
I don’t have any problem to get in Christmas spirit without snow around. I grew up like that and really – “on the other side” off the planet it’s summer and there people manage to celebrate Christmas without snow…
Of course we all wish for different thinks for Christmas. Some wish for snow and others for a new mac and some wish for food and a warm place to stay…
Personally I fell lucky to “only” wish for time spend with good friends, talking and enjoying each others company. Nevertheless, we just lost one of us in a tragically accident. It makes me think about how fast life can change and ends.

Skating rink at Spikersuppa Photo by Anny Langer

Advent season and Christmas is a time that can be full of joy and full of pain. depending were we stand in our life.
There far to many people in this world who “fear” the season. Not everyone can jump on the “shopping for Christmas train” and join in to all the activities which are “usual”. And not everyone is celebrating Christmas…
In Norway we probably gonna shop for 48,8 billion kroner in December. This means that each of us uses 10.000 kroners (1750 US Dollar) for Christmas shopping.
It’s not easy to be one of them left out. A lot of organizations sell gifts and collect moneys, arrange Christmas concerts and more to raise money and help the  ones left out. And we give here and there and feel good about it. ( I don’t claim I’m better – I’m better shopping fair trade and charity gifts in December, too) And of course it’s needed. Hopefully some of us take the spirit of giving with us to the next year and try to share a bit through all the year.

Skyline Oslo by night Photo by: Anny Langer