December 10th is the day of the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo.
December 10th is the day when the prize winners are presented with the diploma and medal during a ceremony at the city hall of Oslo. In the evening there’s the torchlight procession through the centrum streets – from Youngstorget to the Grand Hotel at Karl Johan gate.
The prizewinner(s) greats the attended crowed from the balcony at the Grand Hotel in the city before the Nobel Prize banket in the evening.
I use to go there – unfortunately this year I’m at home with the flu. As it’s not annoying enough to have the flu it’s even more annoying to have it today…
I really would have liked to be there to see this years winners “in person”.
But well… We’ve got the tv and so I still was able to watch. But of course it didn’t feel the same…

Personally I feel it’s an important prize, even when it sometimes is quite discussed. But maybe that’s one of the important things about it – to discuss it…
Where’s no discussion there’s no publicity and without publicity you can’t spread the message… .

Tomorrow there will be the Nobel Peace Prize Concert at Oslo Spektrum.
The concert will be hosted by Rosario Dawson and Helen Mirren and a large number international artist will appear.
If you would like to know more about it you can go here.

To close this post I want to quote Ellen Jonhson Sirleaf with some of her words from her Nobel lecture:
“Today’s decoration of three women with the highest universal Peace Prize must not be a passing historic moment. We must look upon this event as a milestone in the inexorable march toward the achievement of a genuine and lasting peace.”