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It’s been a long run…
In 2005 the discussion about moving the Munch museum in Oslo started.
2008 the majority of the city council decided to build a new museum in Bjørvika. An international architectural competition took place and in 2009 the city council decided tho build the winner of the competition.
Yesterday the city council buried the winner of the architectural competition. “Lambda” will not be build in Bjørvika where an entire new city part is raising these days.
Where we go from here nobody knows. Some want to build a new museum at Tøyen were its located today, others want to move it to the National Gallery when the National museum moves to the new building close to the city hall.
By the way – that’s hasn’t been build yet – and they still discuss about it… .
The reason the National museum wants to move it – to collect all museums, one of them the National Gallery, in one building and to move out of buildings which have to bad standard to show and to preserve the pieces of art they own…
One of the politicians actually suggests to sell some of Edvard Munch paintings to finance a new museum….
To be honest – living in Norway sometimes feels like living in a comedy… .