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Copyright by Anny Langer

And so it’s easter Monday. It’s snowing here in Oslo, but that makes it easier to stay put and paint. On Wednesday both of these paintings have to be finished to make the exhibition opening on Sunday, April 15th…
Still a way to go. I’m feeling tired. Hope a hot shower and some more coffee clears up my head so I don’t mess up the paintings….
Start to feel happy for the first (on the left). Feel there only are some small things to be done. And than I have to transform the second (right) to be as much alike as the first. With some small differences to the shell since it’s the second of three… Luckily I only can have to paintings in the exhibition and that should give me time to do the third later.
And no – they aren’t for sale yet. They are part from a bigger concept visualizing poems from the Norwegian writer Jan Erik Vold (who’s living in Sweden).
If finished one of the poems with a work of five pictures. This is the second poem I work on. There gonna be this work with 3 paintings for it. And I gonna use the shell for a second lager sized work of three paintings but without the landscape.
Notes and sketches are done for three more poems…. Gonna be a busy year…
But honestly – it feels really good to be back to painting now… 🙂

And by the way. This is also the picture of the week… Enjoy it! Next week I guess you’ll see the paintings up on the wall. Hopefully. Well I’m an optimist…
Have a great day everyone! Have a great day!