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Photo and Copyright by Anny Langer

Well, good morning everyone! It’s Friday the 13th !!! WATCH YOU’RE BACKS!
Mmmmm… “Nice” to wake up to a message like that on the morning tv program…
Personally I don’t have trouble with the 13. I see it as my lucky number since I am born on a 13th.  It looks now like today gonna be a real cool day for me… Why???
Well… Let me tell you.
I have a day off and could sleep until I woke up without the annoying sound of the alarm clock – meaning I woke up at half past 8 and that’s not a bad thing on a Friday.
I had breakfast with the brownies leftover from yesterday and some good hot black coffee.
I gonna hit the shower soon and go for a work out around 1 pm…
And today it’s a friend’s birthday, who happens to be a cool artist who just opened an exhibition in Roma last week. Tomorrow we gonna celebrate her and hear everything about it…
This afternoon I gonna visit a friend who I haven’t seen for a while and she happens to be a hairdresser. Some more luck for me today! I gonna get my hair cut right in time before the party tomorrow and the exhibition opening on Sunday.
So, what are you’re plans for today? And will you watch you’re back or just enjoy the day?