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Copyright by Anny Langer

It’s Sunday already. Times runs. It’s getting quite cold now. (And it’ll be much “worse” soon”) Yesterday when I got up, it only were 4 degrees…
Summer definitive has come to its end – both with the temperature and the weather and of course yesterday it was autumn equinox.
I was told yesterday that it has been snow in a small place close to Oslo last week already… Not for long, but it’s been there….
Of course each season has its charms. I hope for an autumn with a lot of colours in nature. And I look forward to have friends visiting and all the events in Oslo like the opening of the new Astrup Fearnley museum next weekend, the Oslo World Music Festival in the beginning of November and  my study-trip to Barcelona in November.
But the autumn is also a time for me to look back, sort some things out and look through all the pictures I’ve taken during the last couple of month – and to decide what to do with them. And there’s a lot of things to do at work and in the studio.
With other words… There’s lot happening now… And as promised I gonna show you only 2012 pictures for the rest of the year… 😉
The last two weeks I published two of this summers butterfly photos. This week I show you some flower photos taken on my day trip to Koblenz with my good friend Diana Dinslage. Those were taken at the Fortress Ehrenbreitstein.

Wish you all a sunny week! Take care!!!