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By Anny Langer

Yes, it’s a new week. It started with grew, rainy wheater, but lucky me works with people who smile and hug as soon I get in… 🙂 Best start to get to a new week, don’t you think?
Looked through hundreds of files this afternoon to find out what should be this weeks picture. Then I saw this one…
I took it in Cologne this summer at the Hohenzollern bridge.It shows some few of the thousands of love padlocks covering the bridges grids.
I spend a lot of time at the bridge, walking over to the other riverside and reading names and inscriptions.
Couldn’t help wonder where all the people went and if there fine. What did they think and feel standing on this bridge with passing trains.  Did their dreams and hopes come true? Do they return to take a look at the padlock and remember the moment they locked it to the bridge?
Guess I’ll never know…

Wish you all a great week!