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Egil Midtsund – paintings, graphics and aquarelle

“Pan” by Egil Midtsund

I probably shouldn’t write anything tonight since I’m kind of are in a sentimental state of mind. But sometimes I guess that’s the best time to write since it becomes much more honest. And I really wonder why I haven’t added this artist to the list of artists on this blog before…
Today nothing went as planned. I wanted to be at an exhibition earlier as I managed to be at the studio much earlier as I managed…

But sometimes such small changes in plans are a good thing. When I finally arrived at the exhibition I meet an old friend. I haven’t seen him for years and I’m probably the one to blame for that. I’ve been busy with much too many things.
But today we finally meet again. I was happy to see him and we had time to talk.
Egil was one of the first people I meet when I moved to the area I live in 16 years ago. He was one of the first artists to welcome me to the local art association and one of those who inspired me for many years. He managed to encourage me during a time that was quite difficult for me.
At that time I was without a job, without money and afraid I wouldn’t make it in Norway. I remember well how afraid I was to have to return to the place and an environment where there was no place for me as the person I am. A place were artists were defined useless, lazy and unwanted part of society. Alternative ideas of how to live your life were oppress and beaten down.
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