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Copyright by Anny Langer

Copyright by Anny Langer

It’s Monday and it’s December, 10th.
That’s the day of the Nobel Peace Prize. It’s the day when the prize winners were presented with the diploma and medal during a ceremony at the city hall of Oslo. Tonight there was the traditional torchlight procession through the centre  streets to the Grand Hotel at Karl Johan gate.
EU-president Herman Van Rompuy, president of the EU parlement Martin Schulz and president of the EU commission  José Manuel Barroso greeted the  crowed from the balcony at the Grand Hotel in the city before the Nobel Prize banket in the evening.
This years Peace Prize for the EU has been discussed and probably will be discussed a lot in the future, too.

Hopefully we at least all can agree on that there still are much to many wars and armed conflicts in the world. And unless we all manage to get pass prejudice, enviousness and hate this never will change.