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Westerhever lighthouse

Copyright and photo by Anny Langer

This weekend I took a look at some photos from last summer. Been so many places and feel so lucky.
One of my favourite places in Germany is this little town in Northern Germany where my mother comes from. Each time I return to this place I feel like my soul arrived at home. There’s something that touches me in a very special way, I get my shoulders down and it’s so easy to breathe. It just feels like I belong there.
So this weeks photos just had to be of one of my favourite places, the Westerhever lighthouse.
The landscape, the light, the ocean, the people and the history of the area are very special.
Artists like Emil Nolde and Charlotte von Krogh lived and worked in this landscape. It’s one of the most inspiring places I know.
The high sky, the flat landscape, the small farmer og fishing villages, the beaches and the long dikes – it’s difficult to describe.

Wish you all a good week 🙂