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Holmsbu June 1st 2013 Copyright by Anny Langer

Holmsbu June 1st 2013
Copyright by Anny Langer

And again it’s time for the picture of the week. We arrived in June… Feel time is running faster and faster… Or maybe there’s just so much things happening around me. I’m blessed with good friends and it’s so good to be able to spend some time with them. We are all so busy… Sometimes it’s months between each meeting.
This weekend I was invited to Holmsbu to spend the weekend at Holmsbu Spa. I really can’t complain about my friends 🙂 … So of course the picture has to be from Holmsbu this week… .
We went for some walks in the beautiful surroundings and of cause we spend time in the pool and at the spa.
Last night I mainly spend on the balcony looking out over the fjord and reading Susan Vreeland book “Life Studies”. It was really relaxing and beautiful. Could have stayed there some more days. I really needed to relax now. Lot that has happened and busy weeks ahead…
Now it’s time to get ready for a new week at work…
Wish you all a good week 🙂