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Photo by Anny Langer, 2006

Photo by Anny Langer, 2006

I know it’s Friday. And that’s usually not the day for the picture of the week…. And I know I haven’t been online that much. Doesn’t mean I’m not arround or on vacation… .
Just didn’t have access since I’ve been for a couple of weeks now. Still not done, but I’m getting there… Soon I hope…. Well there’s always hope…
Today I can take a short break, or a combination of break and going where I can buy something I need for the flat. I’m so lucky one of my friends works close to the shop and has time for lunch 🙂 I really look forward to that!!!

I’ve felt like a cave dweller lately. Only talked to the IKEA people on Monday and Wednesday and some other sales people… And yes IKEA…. Don’t get me started. I like to buy IKEA stuff, but I don’t like to go to the shop… . But I like to have been there. And honestly I actually like to but the stuff together,too.
My personal record to but together a 1,92 x 60 x 40 cm storage unit is down to 15 minutes now. And that’s alone, no other person helping and no electric tools…. Yes, you read right. Just me and my screwdriver 😉
Now the most is in place and my flat starts to look like a flat again… Dirty as hell and through the finally hot summer wheater as hot as it as well…
Well…. The first thing I can do something about… The other thing I kind of can try just to enjoy… At least it’s not snowing 😛

About the picture. I took it in 2006 in my grandmothers garden. She had a lot of dog daisies and was very happy about them growing that nice that summer. It was the last summer she could enjoy them. She past away in March 2007. We didn’t know that it was her last summer back than. We were talking about the big wedding day party she was planning. My grandparents would have been married for 60 years in the end of March 2007. What an achievement !!! Unfortunately she didn’t make it so far. Sudden illness can be cruel even if a person is old. She passed away around 2 weeks before their big day where family from Canada, Denmark, Germany and Norway were supposed to come and celebrate with them.
I still feel it’s unfair. She should have got her day. She had planned it for a long long time and everything was finished and arranged…
In a week I hope I can go and visit my grandfather and I hope I’ll see the dog daisies again. Never sure what survived through the winter. Last year almost all her rose bushes froze.

For all those who ain’t renovating, building or repairing flat stuff this weekend – enjoy the weekend! All the others GOOD LUCK!!! We’re in it together!