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I’m on a train again. This time on the way to the Hamburg airport. A three hour journey. I left Tönning at 1 pm. Out here the local train leaves one time each hour. Not often, but still important for all the small places along the railway track… Without the local train it would be difficult for many.
In Tönning the local trains meet. The one going from Husum to St. Peter Ording and the one going from St. Peter Ording to Husum.
They arrive with few minutes between. It’s only a single track so Tönning is an important station. Here they meet and go each their way on the track.

It’s been a short week here. But as I said before. Better a short time than never…
I always feel the time is standing still here. It almost always looking the same. Biggest news – a new supermarked gonna open….


Husum castle

On Tuesday I took the train to Husum to look around in the shops and to do some scatches in the castle park. It’s not a big castle (photo above) but still it’s historical important for the area. Today you find a restaurant and exhibitions in the historical building and sometimes there are concerts.
One of the few known female historic artists, Charlotte von Krogh, grew up here.

The rest of the week I spent with walks, gardening and having coffee with the few people I still know through my grandparents.
I didn’t grow up here, but still I feel pretty much at home. Tönning has been my childhood paradise and I’ve got many memories from here.
My grandfather is 89 years old now and still living in his house. So it really feels like going home when I visit.

Now I’m heading to Spain to join friends in Granada. I really look forward to it. I’ve never been there before so it will be a really new experience…
I’ll arrive in Malaga tonight where one of my friends gonna pick me up. I’ve known her for 19 years. So she’s one of my “oldest” friends. I feel blessed since she’s driving 80 km to pick me up to stay one night before heading to Granada. It was her idea so I guess it’s okay… :-*

Guess I really can present some new photos soon 🙂
Wish you all a great weekend!!!