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"Alhambras garden" Copyright by Anny Langer

“Alhambras garden”
Copyright by Anny Langer

New week, new photo… This one is taken in the gardens at Alhambra this summer, too. We were walking from the palaces of Alhambra to the Generalife and passed some stairs where they watered the plants. It felt like walking through early morning haze. The gardens are just beautiful and I really want to go back there to paint.
Hopefully I’ll be able to go there again soon 🙂 I’ve been a bit restless lately… Would like to travel much more… There’s quite a bit going on right now. Lot of possible projects ahead… Just have to pick the right ones… But how can you know what’s the right and what’s not before you gave it a try ???

Wish you all a great week 🙂