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Slowly getting somewhere….
On a Thursday night like this ending the day at the studio to rebalance body and mind. Doing small “fixes” at the latest drawing…. Almost done now I guess… Gonna be back tomorrow to take a look while it’s still daylight….
On days like this when I run from one places to another, from work to a evening meeting for a festival the studio becomes the most important place in the world….
It’s the place of happiness and fear, the place where things work out or come to an end, the place of laughter and tears. No matter what happens – good or bad – I always find back to my true me here….
Now after an hour of work I feel relaxed and I’m sitting in the one comfortable chair in the studio – it’s not mine by the way – and look at the drawing and I know it’ll get to be finished and it’ll be good.
Best feeling I can have. Where happy and alive just right now 🙂