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Copyright by Anny Langer

Copyright by Anny Langer

It’s Saturday night. I’m at the studio. Just decided I’m done with the latest drawing of the subject dedicated to all the great artistic people I know.
Those people who life with and for their art no matter how hard it sometimes is to get things go around. All those great spirits who work day and night to earn enough to pay their bills, and still not give up on being creatives. Those people who can’t imagine life without playing their instrument, creating a imagine on an empty canvas, writing a poem or taking on a costume to do a play – even if they know that when they finished the song, the painting, the play there hardly will be enough money to cover the costs.
Those people who even when things get difficult embrace life and celebrate like they just have found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow….
The images above is just one of a serial and it’s dedicated to all musicians no matter what instrument they play….
I’m taking it down now… Starting on a new one later tonight.

Enjoy your weekend 🙂