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Finally I’m “back on track” after two weeks without any time to work at the studio. To many things that needed my attention at home, but as a friend said “It’s now actually looks like a flat!!!”
Well… . Just let us say my flat has been a “work in progress” since I moved in 2008…. 😉

I had to spent some time with some boring stuff first today aka buying a new tv. My male friends gonna be so happy when they see it. They’ve cried over my tiny tv from 80-ties for years. Guess they will like the new 46 tommer led tv… .  Last item on board guys! Can I now please leave home and stay at my studio like kind of forever !?! You can get the keys to my flat with the new sofa and the tv and watch the game. Just bring your own beer and take the trash out when you leave… .
I’ve got more important things on my mind…. Like working at my artwork…

I’m still working at the fifth drawing from the “After work there is reality” and slowly getting all details in place.
I got into a great flow after a short break with the movie “everybody has a plan” with Viggo Mortensen. The “Film fra Sør” Festival just has a great program this year 🙂
Really enjoyed to see that guy again. Even if it just was in a movie…. Really about time to take your paintings and photos out and to do an exhibition again Mr. Mortensen!!! Roskilde was five years ago… Just saying…
I’m sure some thousand ladies happily will kill me if I say this – and they ever get the change – I still prefer the photographer and poet…. 😀 😀 😀
Anyway. The movie did put me into a good mood and I’ve drawn for hours… . Happy, happy, happy. 🙂
But now it’s time to pack up, but just so I can be back in a couple of hours.
Enjoy the weekend everyone!