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It’s the last day of the year 2013 and I just finished the last drawing of this year. Last least it’s the last drawing I gonna finish. It’s called “After” and it’s the second drawing of a small project called “The price of beauty”. I plan to exhibit them in May 2014 in a group exhibition in Oslo. It’s gonna be a little comment to the beautyindustry.
I think we’re going to fare sometimes. There is so much focus on how to look and what to do to get there. But so little on the why and if we really have to.
I often wonder how the young girls of today manage to look that much alike as they sometimes do. Well not all of them, but only a few days ago I saw a group of girls shoping together. They pretty much had the same hair colour, the same hair cut. Their make-up had the same colours and their eyebrows had the same shape. They pretty much wore the same style of clothes and picked the same kind of clothes for each other. I could hear then talk so I know they were’nt sisters but friends on a shopping trip. And as they picked clothes for each other, all in the sme style and basically with the same colours they used frases like “This is just you!”
I wonder why many of us going through so much, spending so much time and money to “fit in”.
Of course there’s a last of good things in plastic chirugi and costmetics and spa treatments. I’ve done my on research on the at least two of the areas. But I also know how easy it is to just do a little bit more…


Copyright by Anny Langer

When I read about teenagers wishing for money to do pay for bigger breast or wish to do something drastical to fit in size 0 so they finally cn feel happy I get worried. What is happiness today?
To look like everyone else and fit size 0, walking around in the same clothes and having the latest iphone?
And what is to be good enough? Just wonder were we’re going…
Lyckly there also are many who don’t think that why, who are more interested to work for girls rights to go to school for example. I hope we can create a balance…

I’m taking a break now. A short reseting of the brain and resting the eyes before I’ll start on the next drawing.
In a couple of hours I gonna put down the pencil for this year and head for dinner with friends. But I gonna be back at the studio tomorrow to start a new art year working on the third portrait to go with these to.

I wish you all a happy new years eve and a good healthy, peaceful year 2014.