The Pecan

Fernanda-Prata-Jesse-Kovarsky.-Punchdrunk.-The-Drowned-Man-A-Hollywood-Fable.-Photo-Birgit-Ralf-0399Warning: this contains some potential spoilers, but I haven’t gone into so much detail as to give the whole game away.

Performing arts company Punchdrunk has a reputation for pushing the boundaries of theatre. I, however, was completely unaware of this in its true sense when I was offered a ticket last week. I had heard a few friends talk about how great their production of The Drowned Man: A Hollywood Fable was, but I genuinely thought they were just talking about a really good play, in which you went in to the theatre, took your seats, and passively enjoyed the series of events that unfolded before you.

Well, I soon discovered that this wasn’t the case.

I went with no knowledge of the story, but instead with an extensive list of tips from my veteran friend (who has been six times now). Instead of familiarising myself with the plot…

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