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 Panorama Tjuvholmen, Oslo

Weekend… Beautiful wheater and it’s actually kind of warm in Oslo. I took some time off from the studio today to take a long downtown walk with my camera. Haven’t been taking any photos since Nice last autumn. About time to do some work again…
I went from the studio down the city center and the opera house by the water. A lot of people sitting, having a coffee and enjoying the sun. A real taste of spring, well knowing we still can get cold wheater and even snow until the end of May…
From there I walked to Akershus fortress walking a bit around in the area of the castle. This has been one of my favourite places when I came to Oslo in the early 90-ties before I moved to Norway. Always good to take a walk and look around. It brings back memories of my first years in Norway, like celebrating street artist friends birthdays and life with sparkling wine right outside the fortress. We of course always got the “attention” of some nice policeman since it’s not allowed to sit there… It always ended with them wishing us a great night… 🙂


Panorama inside of the Akershus fortress

After a walk around the fortress I of course had to walk all the way to Tjuvholmen and Astrup Fearnley museum. It was almost as crowded at Aker Brygge as during the summertime. Long lines with people lining up for ice-cream and a table at the restaurants.
I sat down in the sun close to the museum enjoying some coffee and the view on the fjord.
Really beautiful and I feel quite relaxed now. Well, now I’m back at the studio preparing to work on a paintings for some friends. If lucky I’ll finish it today.
Wish you all a happy Sunday 🙂