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Photo and Copyright by Anny Langer

“Friends” – Photo and Copyright by Anny Langer

Haven’t been around a lot lately. Time is running. Stuff is happening, and sometimes to fast…. It’s gonna be a busy summer and autumn…. But don’t take me wrong… I’m not complaining, I’m just telling.

The last couple of weeks I’ve hung out with a lot of creative and kind people who carry me further in my art, my reflexions, my experiences and life… We’ve been out a lot, celebrating life and the summer, discussing the small and the big things in life. I’m blessed with having people around me who care about what’s really going on, and to know this makes it easier to go on, to look forward, not back… I try to listen to them and to store in my heart what they keep saying. What else can you do if somebody gives you a hug and tells you they are thankful for knowing you and think you’re fantastic? Or someone tells you that you’re good in connecting the right people and have a great understanding of the human kind? I don’t know how to reply on such things. I get overwhelmed.

But these events, these meetings, these parties are giving me a lot of energy and inspiration. I’ll live a long time on this…. Knowing there are busy times with lot of work ahead… I promised myself to finish the children’s novel “The little pink tiger”  autumn and the writing takes a lot of time. But from the comments off some friends I’m on the right way…
I just updated my website with some more exhibitions… First exhibition is with Steinbruddets drawers in Oslo, opening September 7th. Have do finish some pieces for that. And I have to decide on photos for a photo exhibition i October in Cologne….
Tomorrow I finally be back at the studio to frame some pieces I already have sold, finish two paintings and maybe start on a drawing… Meaning I’ll have to go to bed early.

I’m waiting to get to know where I gonna work and what I gonna work with from august… Getting impatient. I want to know kind of yesterday what’s gonna be… And I gonna start an a yoga teacher education and it gonna take a lot of time…

Well…. Don’t have much more to tell today. Wishing you a great weekend quoting Little Pink Tiger “We are all different, and we are all alike. We all have hearts and we all have dreams.” Take care of each other.