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I added a new artist to “Artists through history“.
Artemisia Gentileschi (1593-1652/53) is one of my favourite artists. I first learned about her in the German book about female artists through history called “50 Klassiker Künstlerinnen” from Gerstenberg Visuell. At that time I was a student at Vika Art school in Oslo and we had some art history classes. I decided to take a look at female artists through history back then already since they’ve seemed to be forgotten. Actually that’s an interesting and frustrating thing to do…
I had heard a lot about painters from her time, but never about her. I learned that she in her own time had been highly respected as an artist, but had been forgotten after her death. It were female art historians who found her again. I got in touch with Larry who created a website about Artemisia. You can find a lot of information and pictures on the site. There’s been written a lot about her, both art books and novels. I’ve read the novels written by Susann Vreeland and Alexandra Lapierre. Both are well-written and bring her to life. Of course there’s always a bit fiction in novels. Still it’s interesting reading.

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