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The painting is from friends former garden. They moved two years ago after many years at the places they enjoyed and cared about. They did rent it and ended up with having to leave.
One of them got Alzheimer during that periode and the illness stroke hard.
I started to paint they painting during a short visit some years ago. At that time we didn’t know about what was to come. We didn’t know they had to leave, and we didn’t know about the illness to strike.
We were just coming together having fun, talk, do some art, preparing an art course I was supposed to have later that spring.
Now, some years later so much has changed.
They found a new home and enjoy it. But one of them feels they just moved, at the same time she can’t remember their old home that much. She didn’t remember me arriving last night either. She just was happy and surprised this morning when she realized I had arrived.
But they were happy to get the painting, and they’re taking about it. In a strange way it gives some meaning.
We don’t know what gonna happen in the future. I see a friend “passing away”. Luckly.she’s still able to paint and to be creative.
He tells me she calms down, relaxes in a different way when she paints. Hopefully she be able to do so for a while…