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Logo Steinbruddet Copyright Steinbruddet

Logo Steinbruddet
Copyright Steinbruddet

Today, Sunday September 7th, 2014 we in the draughtmans group opened our exhibition at Steinbruddet.

At midday we opened the doors to this years exhibition and cafe. It didn’t take long time before the first guests arrived and it became quite crowded after a short while. Good for us of course.
There’s a long tradisjon for cafe and exhibition at Steinbruddet – meetingplace for art and culture – but after a change in the organization now those how has exhibitions organises the cafe as well.
At the cafe we sold homemade cakes and also handcraft and books (lucky for me who got to sell my book “Far away – yet close“).

Copyright by Anny Langer Four drawings from the project "The price of beauty"

Copyright by Anny Langer
Four drawings from the project “The price of beauty”

Six of the exhibited artworks were sold during the opening, and we’re looking forward to the other open days during the exhibition.
We are 10 people who show our art. Nine are members of the group and we have artist Zoe A P Boggis-Rolfe as a guest. She had a class for the group last autumn.
Around 1 pm the exhibition was offically was opened by Sølvi Næss who welcomed everyone before Merete Næss sang to Norwegian songs.

For those in Oslo: The exhibtion is opened Saturday, Sept. 13th and Sunday, 14th from 12-4 pmLørdag/Søndag: 13. og 14.9. kl. 12-16 and Wednesday, Sept. 17th from 5 to 8 pm
Cafe will be open those days (cashsale only)

Address: Steinbruddet, Doktor Londonsvei  5, 0953 Oslo