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“A little bit uncomfortable now, very comfortable later.”

I have heard that quite often from Josephine Selander from the Nordiska Yogainstitut at  today, my one of yoga teachers at the Virya yoga education. She heard it from someone I can’t recall right now… She used it during instruction today. She instructed big and smaller movements in yoga practise.
Well, I don’t think every one of you is doing yoga (even if it would be a smart thing to do 😉 ) So why should I use it as “words of wisdom” today?

Well, the words kind of got stuck to my mind. There are a lot of things in life that can be uncomfortable in the situation you are in. But if you do something about it you’ll be comfortable again, maybe not right away, but someday soon.

I was thinking about situations I have been really uncomfortable in, like breaking up a relationship, tell friends you won’t stay friends with them and why, telling my boss I resign my job (not the one I’ve got now, don’t worry), taking contact with the child protective services and things like that.
It wasn’t comfortable to do all that. It probably never will be comfortable, but when I look back I see it became very comfortable, very releasing. I made a decision and went for it, even if it meant to feel some pain. But it always worked out at the end.

In life there always will be situations were things happens you’re not comfortable with. There’s no cure, no insurance, no guaranties against it. It’s a part of life. Like it or not. Stand in it. The storm will blow over at the end and you’ll come out stronger.
I know how annoying it is to hear “hang in there”, “everything will work out fine”, “it’s gonna be okay”. It’s especially annoying when you’re in difficult situations and don’t see your way out. I’ve been there many times. I was close to give up sometimes, too. But at the end I managed to pull through and come out stronger on the other side.

One of my fellow students said today that a relative said something like how annoying it is that yoga people always are so positive. I meet some them too, even if I went to their class. You really want to slap them sometimes, especially when they claim you can do something you never achieved to do before in your life. It’s like “oh shut up, that never worked before why the f… should it work today.?” – Well… Sometimes it does… And if it’s not happening that day it will work one day.
I had to turn 36 years old to learn to do a handstand and a head stand. No teacher through three schools to teach me that. They always let somebody who could do it show once or twice and send us out to work it out on ourselves… The yoga teacher managed to take me step by step to it, gently correcting some things that made it impossible to succeed, and then I was standing upside down… I still remember that feeling.

So, if you are in an uncomfortable situation now, keep in mind you can be very comfortable later…

Have a great weekend 🙂