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IMG_3981401605786Sunday evening, and day 40 of personal challenge to publish “words of wisdom”.
It’s been a great weekend in the world of yoga and I was so lucky to spend it with many great people 🙂 I learned a lot.
It only was the second gathering, but it was really great to see everyone again.
Now its three weeks to the next gathering and the first exam. Guess I’ve got enough to do in the upcoming weeks.
I feel I’m learning something new each day, and that is fun. It’s hard work to. Anatomy, Sanskrit, positions, flow, instructions… . Could need one more brain to store all information. But it’s not only what we need to remember. It’s also a personal journey. I get to know my body and my mind in a new and different way. I always loved to find out of things, learn more and new things. Going deeper into yoga is like learning from inside to the outside. It’s a bit difficult to explain. It’s just that I notice that I suddenly manage to do things I never manage to do before. I’ll get back to this subject one day 😉
Now I have to prepare for a week at work with all the little heroes I meet each day.

Have a great evening! 🙂