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solnedgang 241114

Photo & Copyright by Anny Langer

Monday… New week, new opportunities…
I started the day with a big headache and that’s still hanging around… Annoying, unnecessary and I’m fed up…. Hope it won’t be there when I get up tomorrow… Really don’t need that… 😦
Luckily I’ve got a job were people meet me with smiles and hugs… .  That helps a lot when you feel you have been hit by a train… . We went for a walk to the library and later I had the chance to take some kids for a small walk to look at horses and some tractors… So in a way it was a relaxed day….
When I finished at work I was lucky to see this beautiful sunset 🙂 So the day hasn’t  been to bad, even if I don’t feel very well… .
Trying to relax and get some work done without getting stressed. Quite a bit going on now, and I have some paperwork to get done… .
It’s still early  in the evening and I’m optimistic. I gonna switch of my phone, make some tea, don’t answer my door
So…. Words of wisdom out from this???

 “I know you’re tired but come, this is the way.”