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Halfway through Sunday. Learning is going slow since I just had a relapse with my cold 😦
Irritating…. I’m not sure if it’s something I did catch at work, my immunes systemes illness or a combination of both. Trying not to stress out about it. “Only” around 20 names of asanas left to learn by Saturday…. Having a big cup of the before I gonna hit the mat and go into the positions I haven’t learned yet…. That worked last time.
Yesterday has been a good day, instructing a friend
in yoga, having coffee with another friend, seeing an exhibition and find 2 hours to work at a painting, before returning home to read.

Today so far I’ve got several messages of people who wish me a nice first advent. Doesn’t look a lot of Christmas here yet since there’s yoga stuff everywhere. But I’ve been thinking a bit about the meaning of advent. I’m not personally Christian even if I grow up with it as my religion. I found out at one point of my life that being an active religious person is not for me. I’m not comfortable with doing ceremonies, showing up at certain dates, following traditions. I got stressed out, frustrated and aggressive by it. After turning my back on that kind of life, I’m a much more relaxed, much more balanced. But that’s me. I know many people who find their balance, who relax being religious and doing the ceremonies and traditions and are happy totally independing on which religion they’ve got.

Christmas food, decorations, presents and more have been around for some weeks now. So now as we start this last weeks until Christmas Eve, with the shopping stress a lot of going in to, I like to turn my focus more on finding peace and time to relax, and thinking about what advent and Christmas basically meant.
Todays the first Sunday of Advent is the first day of the Western Christian churches liturgical year. There are differences in the churches like as an example that the Swedish church has white as the liturgical colour while the Lutheran, Roman Catholic and Anglican churches have violet or blue.
Today it’s 4 Sundays until Christmas Eve. It’s a time of waiting and preparing for Christmas, the day Jesus was born. the Latin word for Advent is adventus and it‘s means coming.
Traditions are lighting an advent wreath, having a advent calendar, Christmas decorations and songs.
I actually enjoy the Christmas songs and decorations. I always light a lot of  candles during autumn and winter season since I think it’s cozy when it gets dark early so I don’t have the biggest focus on that.
It would be fun to hear about your favourite tradition 🙂

So what can be words of wisdom on this Sunday? From Nest eggs by Kate Knapp 🙂

“The only thing that really matters is love and more love.”