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Photo by Anny Langer Vågå 2009

Photo by Anny Langer Vågå 2009

Sunday night. So this was this weekend. Now there’s a break from lectures until the end of January. But it doesn’t mean I won’t have any yoga stuff to do. Nope… Have a lot of reading and practise to do.
I got my Sanskrit test back today – and no – I don’t need to do it all over again. Got one mistake and that was a stupid one…. So it itches a bit…. But I’m happy!!! 😀
It’s been a good weekend. Great people to spend it with, and it’s cosy to have lunch together and get to talk about different things. Great group with lot of different experiences…
I came home after I bought some present and found some Christmas decorations so now I’m ready 😉
Never do a lot but got some stars in my windows, an angel and some small dwarfs and a reindeer. I bought two small flower bulbs which are growing in two small silver pots. Tomorrow I’ll post some Christmas cards and small parcels, and the last thing I gonna do is to buy a small poinsettia. That’s all for my Christmas decorations…

Now I gonna have some tea and prepare for the next week at work. Just have to give you today words of wisdom… Guess this fits since I’m very happy for that the Sanskrit test went that good 🙂

“Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life”
Omar Khayyam