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10357817_864611873581333_261524200622199456_nDay 70 of the 365 days with words of wisdom. I choose these today.
Soon it’ll be Christmas Eve and I’m still at home from work because of the infection I catched, but have plans to be back at work on Thursday.
Being at home also means I’ve got a lot of opportunity to watch morning tv shows and news. Right now everything in the morning tv shows is about how to celebrate Christmas. How to get the food right, how to decorate, what to wear this year, what to give as presents, how to wrap the presents right and fashionable, which music to listen to… .
And yes. Christmas can be fine, and decorations are fine, and thinking about who to give presents to is fine… BUT I often think that all these things give people expectations that might be hard to fulfill. Not everyone has a family to celebrate Christmas with. Not everyone can financially afford all these “to do, to have” things. Not everyone has happy memories of Christmas, and there actually are many who don’t look forward to Christmas because of different reasons. And don’t forget that there are many who don’t have a Christian background so they don’t celebrate it because it’s not their religious believe and tradition.
I don’t think we should stop celebrating Christmas. Don’t misunderstand me. In the world today, with wars and conflicts, terrorism, starvation and sickness we need to celebrate love, understanding and human rights.
The thing is just that we in the so-called “Western World” have a great focus on the material part of Christmas celebration. We try to achieve a certain “picture” of Christmas, and not everyone can actually afford that, ending up taking up loans and buying on credit cards. I personally don’t think it’s a healthy thing to do.
I could go on and on, but stop here for today…

Have a great day everyone!