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“I believe empathy is the most essential quality of civilization.”
Roger Ebert

Why do I choose this as words of wisdom today? Well…. I’ve been back at work today after more than a week away. It was good to be back. 🙂 Good to see the kids and my co-workers again and I got quite a lot hugs 🙂 ❤ Today I was working in to different places with one to two and a half years old children. When I sat to observe some of them after not having seen them for a while, I observed a lot of social skills. Like to communicate just with looking at each other from one side to the other side of the room, but also the way they showed empathy with each other. If you base the definition of empathy on that empathy is the capacity to share or recognize emotions experienced by another being it should hit everyone how complex and fantastic this is.
You think a bit about how so small children already are able to do this while they still not have all the knowledge we adults got. And still they have the capacity to do it… Maybe we got a bit to learn from them….