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Photo & Copyright by Anny LAnger

The studio December 2014 – Photo & Copyright by Anny Langer

There some things I just need to be balanced in life – yoga, working at the studio and walking in the forest.
I managed to walk in the forest the first day of Christmas. It has been very cold here lately. And I’ve been well enough to go back to the yoga matt and some more positions than the relaxing ones…
Last weekend I made time to be at the studio and I enjoyed it a lot, even if I have been quite tired lately. Guess the myco plasma infection left some imprint, and it’ll take some time to get rid off it all.
I’ve been working on a new drawing for the “After work is realtiy”-project. And I enjoyed doing it. It’s still in the beginning and a lot still has to be done. But I feel I’m on the right way to with it and I’m happy to have made time to start on a new image. It’ll be part of the “concert-series”. Since I sold the first to drawings and thought it would be good to have one more. I’m working on coloured ingress paper with charcoal pencils, this time black coloured ones. It’s not easy to see on this picture but the paper is yellow coloured and it gives an interesting contrast to the black charcoal.
Tomorrow I’ll be back at the studio to get some more work done…
After the concert III Work in progress by Anny Langer

After the concert III
Work in progress by Anny Langer

The latest update on the next exhibition is that the paintings were shipped today. Now it’s out of my hands and in the hands of the shipping company. Hopefully they’ll arrive safely and in time in New York and at the Limner Gallery.
A bit sad to have the leave the third one behind but I only could enter two of them. Well… You never know if you sell a piece in an exhibition so they could be reunited one day….
So if anyone is in the New York area and wants to see the original pieces, let me know. I gonna send you the details 🙂 ❤

Statue 1 Acryl on canvas, 2013 Copyright by Anny Langer

Statue 1
Acryll on canvas, 2013
Copyright by Anny Langer

Statue 2 Acryl on canvas, 2013 Copyright by Anny Langer

Statue 2
Acryll on canvas, 2013
Copyright by Anny Langer

Well… It’s strange to think one more year at the studio has gone. I managed to do some pieces, like the three drawings to the “The price of beauty”, two drawings to “After work there is reality”, finishing the paintings “From Iceland I” and “From Iceland II” and “There lays a shadow, there lays a ball” from the Jan Erik Wolds subject and I’ve done some sketches. I started some new drawings and paintings waiting for me to finish them in 2015.
The painting “From Iceland I” was awarded with the bronzemedale for painting at the Art Expo International exhibition in Casa do Paca, Fiqueira da Foz, Portugal

Several of us at the studios in Dælenggata worked together to be part of the Oslo Open event 2014 and it went really well 🙂 Lots of visitors and a newspaper report about it.
I feel I can be proud about what I’ve achieved there this year. Of course I wished I would have been able to do some more pieces this year. I guess no matter how many days I spend at the studio I always gonna have the feeling I should have done more.
Don’t think it has been a bad year at the studio, but I hope I’ll be able to spend more time there next year. Right now the yoga education takes a lot of time and space in my head, but it might result in the opportunity to spend more time at the studio later. keeping my fingers crossed…

I’ve also been lucky to exhibited in several cities in Europe. Actually I’m quite happy with this years exhibitions. These were the 2014 exhibitions:

  • Group exhibition with artists from Dælenenggata during Oslo Open, Oslo, Norway
  • Group exhibition Artcom Expo International Casa do Paca, Fiqueira da Foz, Portugal
  • Group exhibition Artcom Expo International La Coruña, Spain
  • Group exhibition Artcom Expo International, Louvre, Paris, France
  • Group exhibition Artcom Expo International, La Galleria, Bologna, Italy
  • Group exhibition “Art without borders”, Integration center, Cologne, Germany
  • Group exhibition drawmans group at Steinbruddet – meeting-place for art and culture, Oslo, Norway

Well guys… This was a “short” look at the studio year 2014.
Wish you all some creative last days of 2014 😀 ❤