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Copyright & Photo by Anny Langer

Copyright & Photo by Anny Langer

Last night I took some photos of one of my candles and posted some of them to the blog. After sunset I lightened the candles again, and what’s more natural than to reflect a bit about fire and flames?

Fire is one of the four elements and it stands for many things in culture, in religion, astrological, in evolutions. It’s a life-giving and life-taking force. It’s said we turned “human” when our ancestors managed to light a fire….. To be able to handle fire, to use it made it possible to cook food, to hold the warmth and protection.
Fire as element is related to the sun and shows up in mythological stories across the world going far back in time. As an example fire, in Greek science and philosophy is associated with energy, passion and assertiveness.
In astrology they say fire is the element of the signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. These people are believed to be passionate, brave, enthusiastic and passionate people.

In the so-called Western world we have the benefit of having servale sources of power to choose between. (I of course know there are varieties between countries and areas). But many of us use fire mainly for decoration, maybe to warm up the cottage, relax by the fireplaces as we mainly use electric power. In other parts of the world retaining a fire still means to warm up your house, to cook your food, to heat water, to have light during the dark hours. It’s important to retain it to be able to survive.
I think “we others” take a warm house, electric light, hot water in the shower for granted. We not necessary think about how we get it and how lucky we are… . I guess we would get quite in trouble if this all the sudden would go away…

Fire and flames are also often related in to the humans soul like in saying like “soul of fire”, “enlighten your inner flame” and more. Easy said, not always easy to do…

Well… Enough for today. Wish you a great night!

Todays words of wisdom from Rumi:
“Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.”