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Book "Far away - yet close" By Anny Langer

Book “Far away – yet close”
By Anny Langer

Back in 2010 i published the book “Far away – yet close”. “Far away – yet close” was in a way the closure of a personal process where I got to know my artistically expression. Is a book with photos and poems in three languages.
Just some days ago a friend did send me a message which made me very happy. Her father had bought my book last autumn and he gave it as a present to a relative before Christmas as a birthday present. Now he received a letter saying “Thank you for the greetings to my birthday, especially for the three languages book. It’s been quite tumultuous here lately, so first now I found the courage to engage myself to the poems, and I’m fascinated by it and so the atmospheric photos! It’s created by a real artist and I’m sure I’ll read it several times. Thank you very, very much!”
I always feel my heart is beating faster when I get such feedback out of the blue. When I published the book I hoped it would find some people who would enjoy it, and who would be touched. For me publishing the photos and poems was an emotional thing to do, so receiving such feedback makes me feel I succeed 🙂

Now five years later I’m thinking it could be time to release a new book. At least it’s time to start the project since it not made in one day. I’m playing with the idea to create a book about the “After work there is reality” project including the drawings and paintings, and maybe some essays. There are so many possibilities… . But an idea is born… Let’s wait and see what it turns out to be…

Some more information about the book/e-book:

Langer, Anny
Paperback 40 pages
ISBN 978-3-8423-1240-1
Publisher: Books on Demand
€ 10,00
Where to buy the book: