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To be sick in Norway really sucks… The biggest hospital in the country has a website where you need a web master degree to find anything of the information you need. They hardly pick up to phone when you call. You get to the main switchboard and they put you over and then you can spend forever on the phone without getting any answer at all…
I just found out there is a waiting period of 24 weeks to get the examination I need to take at the hospital my doctor said she had sent the transfer to. Well…. They don’t have it. But an other hospital got it and they are not even listed on the list over hospitals doing that examination and so they are not on the list of the assumed waiting period.
That’s Norway 2015… The world riches country… If there wouldn’t be so many cases in the media telling about people dying in line for examinations, you could think it’s all a big joke…
If I really have to wait 24 weeks for that examination I won’t be able to work anymore long time before that date. I barely hanging on trying to get through day by day. The stomach pains drive me nuts. No matter what I eat I get sick by it and walk around with the feeling that I have to throw up for a couple of hours….

So what could be todays words of wisdom?

“H.O.P.E. – Hold On, Pain Ends”