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So…. this was this weekend with great people at the yoga teacher education. Now I’m preparing for hospital tomorrow… Tomorrow morning I may get some answers, and hopefully things will fall in place…
Gonna go to bed early to get a good night sleep. Guess that’s a really good idea since I have to take a bus at half past 7 am. Gonna pack a bag with yoga books and take a good and hot shower before I go to bed. I’m not allowed to eat tomorrow morning, no coffee either so I guess I should take the breathing book with me (and if the only thing I do is to hit someone because of the no morning coffee it still be in good use 😛 )
Looking really forward to start a gluten-free life from tomorrow. Have been walking around like a zombie for month and to get up each morning feeling drunk without have to be close to any alcohol is frustrating… It’s not funny to feel you have to go to back to bed again and like the room is moving like you’re on a ship on open sea ain’t funny either….
But its count down now… Only some hours left to hang in… . I know I can do that….

So… what can be todays words of wisdom?
“Now is the time to rise.”                      – Unknown