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“Change your life today. Don’t gamble on the future, act now, without delay.”                                                                                                          Simone de Beauvoir

Todays words of wisdom. Keeping it short since I watched nonstop news until late at night yesterday and I’m quite tired today.
Some may think it’s strange that I, living in Norway, far away from Düsseldorf jump high hearing about the Germanwings planecrash. But fact is, I grew up not far from Düsseldorf, in Cologne where Germanwings has its main office, and flying in and out from Düsseldorf is something my friends in the area do. I myself have been flying with Germanwings serveral times and still gonna fly with them. So even if I live far away it kind of hit me, too. Most of my friends replied that they and their loved ones are safe, still haven’t heared back from everyone yet so I still keep my fingers and crossed…

Wish you all the best. Stay safe!