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“Life has no remote, get up and change it yourself.”

Found on SpirituallyThinking.blogspot.com…

Last week I decided to do the “last changes” in my flat. I had order a new door some time ago and knew it would be put in at the end of the week. So there were only to small things left to do after I have bought my little flat back in 2008 it was considered to be in need of renovation. I’ve done that slowly during the last 7 years. It’s not a big flat, but it is mine and I feel more relaxed now as I own my flat and not rent it. Here in Norway it’s expensive to rent. It’s quite normal to buy your own place. It’s also quite normal that if you rent you have 1 or 3 years contracts. That always stressed me out, coming from a background where it is normal to rent the same flat “forever”. My parents still life in the same flat they moved us to in 1973. So not be able to be quite sure about where to life “next year” was a bit of stress.
I’ve been lucky to be able to stay in the same flat for longer periods each time I rented, but still I found it stressful each time the contract was running out. So last time my rental contract was running out and I got the message that I had to move I managed to buy a little flat on my own. There was a lot to do, like old windows, old kitchen old floors… Now 7 years later I have done the most.  I put in new windows, a new kitchen, a new hall, water for the washing machine, redecorating the livingroom. So now I got the new exit door and the last thing I’ve thought about for a while was to buy some new furniture for the bathroom… Well… DONE! And I’m happy even if it meant to be to stay at home and work and clean the whole weekend. It’s a good feeling. Kind of “arriving”.
Just sat down with a glass of wine and was thinking about how many times I moved in my life. It’s not that many times. It’s only 5 times. I spend 21 years in the flat of my parents, 2 years with my au pair family, 7 years in my first rented flat, 5 years in the second rented flat, and now soon 7 years in my own flat.
Now I just relax a bit and get ready for the new week. Have a great night and a great new week!