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“Another day is another blessing”

Some days ago I saw at some old photos from my first years in Norway. Several of my old friends have passed, some have moved away and with some I just lost contact. Just was thinking of the “old days” and wonder where I got the energy and nerve to do and try all the things I did back then…. Maybe something about being quite “new” at the most things and not thinking so much about consequences….

Today is one more day to read. Totally confused. Seems like my brain is empty….
I’m feeling tired and I would like to go out for a run. Can’t do so because of my knee 😦 Doctors appointment tomorrow and hospital on Tuesday. Hopefully they find out they’ve  been wrong and I just stretched somethings around the knee…
Making coffee and gonna try to go through all the muscles ones more… Maybe something gets stuck in my brain…

Wish you all a great Sunday 🙂