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In a couple of month I gonna be in Cologne to show some photos. I’ll exhibit with “Künstler ohne Grenzen” during the KalkKunst event opening September 18th.
I’m working on a concept connected to “childhood – now” with digital photomontage.
Half of my life I lived in Cologne, Germany before I moved to Oslo, Norway back in 1994. I’m working on creating some photos connecting my life now with childhood memories.
These to images might be in the exhibition. They are called “Remember where you came from” and “Be proud of where you are”. Both are digital collages with three layers

"Remember where you come from" Copyright by Anny Langer photocollage

“Remember where you came from”
Copyright by Anny Langer

"Be proud of where you are" Copyright by Anny Langer Photocollage

“Be proud of where you are”
Copyright by Anny Langer