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The daily qoute.com

The daily qoute.com

I’m a wildflower 🙂 And I plan to stay one, too…. I tell you why…

In 9th grade I was told I couldn’t write an application for an au pair job as school assignment. My teacher said I only could write applications for jobs I actually could get in future because we were supposed to learn “real life applications”. Well…. I got my au pair job in Norway in 1994 and stayed for to years.
There were people who said I’ll never manage to life in Norway for a long time. In July this year I’ve lived in Norway for 21 years.
My English and my French teacher told me to stay in Germany for vacation because I was too stupid to learn foreign languages… Well…. I’ve learned Norwegian, I get around with my English and I’ve traveled in different countries… My first trip on my own to a foreign country (Norway) passing through Denmark and Sweden at the age of 17…
There were people how told me stop taking photos, drawing and painting because I wasn’t good enough for it… Well.. I’ve exhibited in different cities like New York, Paris,  Cologne, Oslo and many more.. And I’ve got a studio where I work.
I was told I should not think too much about what job I choose because the only way I would get through life is to find a husband who works for both of us. Well… I had different jobs and I manage to earn my own money and I bought my own flat…
My sports teacher told me to buy work out clothes would be a waste of money. I never would do anything in sports. Mmmm. I’m taking a yoga teacher education (and I know yoga is more than asanas…)

So if anyone tells you – you can’t do this…..

Have a great evening 🙂