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Todays words of wisdom. Going to bed soon. Didn’t sleep that much last night.

I woke up and heard someone shout outside. When I looked out of the kitchen window I saw a man laying in the street shouting for help. I got on the phone and called an ambulance. What shocked me wasn’t the fact that somebody was laying in the street next to the bus stop. Such things happen. But even if it was in the middle of the night there were some few people on the streets. A car drove by, it actually did slow down, the man lifted his arm and the car drove away. Then a bus stopped and people got off. They walked away and the bus drove.
Luckily the ambulance came shortly after I called and they took him with them. Just hope he’s fine. Keeping my fingers crossed.
Couldn’t fall asleep at first after that. Have to admit I’m shocked nobody stopped. Is it really this way we want society to be? How would it feel if you were laying in the street and everyone just walked away? Are we to busy at 1 am to stop and check somebody is alright?

Well, guys . Have to get some sleep tonight.