“There are souls in this world who have the gift of finding joy everywhere.”

Jean Paul Richter

I went for a walk with 3 of these souls today. It was rainy today too and they were on and off bored playing outside. We went for a walk to look at some horses and stumbled about some things with a bit more “horsepower”. On our way we passed a parking lot where cars where preparing for a race tonight. Guess what happened when 3 “Mc Queen” fans stood “face to face” to a lot of cars hearing the sound of engines running… . Well… . We dropped the horses and got yourselves a round on the parking lot and checked out several “look a like cars in Mc Queen” cars and got to see some shortcars, too. Having fun is easy sometimes, even if there’s this thing with boys not really trusting my knowledge of cars… So each time I told them the name of a car they went to the owner and checked if it was right… :-0

Have a great evening everyone!