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“Love the moment.”  – unknown

Just right now I sat down and love my cup of coffee. Feeling tired but happy. Why?
Well I decided to make some changes in my appartement and went to IKEA to buy the things I needed to do so. When I came back it took some hours and some banning to finish. Always realise in the middle of things that I should have some more hands. That would make things so much easier (those moments also are the moments when I think “Damn… I need to get out and find myself a handy boyfriend.” 😉 )
Have to admit that some things were easy like placing the new doormat in front of the door, but to get the new curtain rod up at the ceiling. Had to drill five holes and the ceiling is tough. It took time and my living room turned into a total mess covered in dust. Than I had to get around two meters curtain rod up with two hands… Tighten the screws with one hand and holding the curtain rod with the other…. Always thing it’s hard to work with my hands over my head. But now I’m sitting on my tools back up to the sofa with a good cup of coffee. Enjoying and happy with what I have achieved. Have to get all the tools up to the attic, but it can’t wait a bit… .

Hope everyone had a good day and you’re having fun today!