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“Life’s ups and downs are but waves on an ocean, constantly in flux. Remain ever calm, ever happy at your inner centre.”

from the book “Nest Eggs” by Kate Knopp

Sunday… I slept good in my new created cave. Woke up when the alarm clock went of at 9 am… Usually I wake up at sunrise…. But I guess those days are over B-) That’s life’s ups…
Spend time working with images to create photos for the upcoming exhibition. Right now I’m fighting with Photoshop. That’s life’s downs right now… The programme turns every image into grayscale when I want to add a new layer to a grayscale background… Wasn’t like that when I did the last two photos…. Anyone who has an idea what might has happened?
Let me know…

By the way 🙂 These are ready for the exhibition in Cologne…

"Remember where you come from" - "Be proud of where you are" Photo montage on aluplates Copyright by Anny Langer

“Remember where you come from” – “Be proud of where you are”
Photo montage on aluminium plates
Copyright by Anny Langer