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“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” Winnie The Pooh

Todays words of wisdom…  Today is just this day again. I had to say goodbye to a child I’ve worked with for a while. I’m starting my summer vacation on Monday and the child is leaving for school tis autumn. Last day together today. It was a good day.
Still I know these days are coming, been there, done that many, many times I always feel it’s difficult to let them go. I know I shouldn’t get to attached, but it always happens. I always wonder if there are things I could have done better, different, more, less during the time we had together. I’m never 100% convinced I’ve done enough. I guess the day I don’t get attached at all and I feel I do enough I should resign my job.
As a professional I have to say goodbye in a good way, without too much emotions so the children don’t end up shocked and unsecure. Still it was a touchy moment to say goodbye today. The parents brought me flowers to say thank you and a card saying:
“I know there will be other children in your life, but there only will be one “Anny” in my life.”
I hope this child will meet a lot of other “Annys” in the years to come. It deserve to be seen and guided from people how care and take their jobs serious.
I’m keeping my fingers crossed.